Lockstitch GT-280


Šivaći stroj zrnčanog boda s jednom iglom, izravnim pogonom te automatskim funkcijama, dvostrukim okruglim rezačem konca, zatvorenim spremnikom za ulje

KRAFFT KF-525C is the latest model from the KRAFFT brand, for sewing light and medium fabrics. The machine is equipped with independent stepping motor to drive thread trimming and foot lifting.It makes the work quieter and operation stable. On that model you can set different stitches to achieve the effect of multi-purpose.The intelligent control panel with USB port is located in place, where the operator has easy access, so can make adjustments even while sewing, without interrupting the process. Patented design of automatic presser foot lifter will lead to a significant increase of the electromagnetic durability. Large hand wheel with cooling fan design improves the heat dissipation efficiency. Up to 8 standard sewing patterns for different needs and the sewing patterns can also be customized upon request. Automatic feature: thread trimmer, foot lifter and bartacking.


  • Built-in control panel
  • USB port
  • Sealed oil pan
  • Double round knives cutting mechanism
  • Step motors control of automatic thread trimming and foot lifting
  • Automatic bartacking
  • Energy saving servo motor (Built in head of machine)
  • Built-in LED light
  • Built-in needle positioner
  • Built-in bobbin winder
  • Electric knee control

Tehnički podaci

KF-525C DBx1 0-5 5.5-13 5000 655x245x540 46/40